Summit Christian School students are expected to follow school dress guidelines.  Daily school dress basics include:

Tops:  Navy blue, grey, or red polo shirt (short or long sleeve).*

Bottoms:  Navy blue or khaki - pants or shorts for both boys and girls.  Girls are also permitted to wear jumpers, skirts, or scooters.* 

*School dress items may be purchased from any store and are not required to have the SCS logo.


Dress Code Exceptions

Dress Your Own Way Days (D.Y.O.W.D): The last Friday of each month is designated as a Dress Your Own Way Day.  Students are given the opportunity to pay $1 and dress out of dress code for the day. All DYOWD proceeds are used to support foreign and domestic missions, local ministries, or those with great need. Field trips and other special occasions might be designated as free days for students to dress out of dress code.

Spiritwear Fridays:  Students are permitted to wear SCS spiritwear shirts with their regular school dress bottoms.

Details about the Summit Christian School Dress Code can be found at the link below or in the SCS Student/Parent Handbook:

Dress Code Basics