Thank you for your interest in Summit Christian School.  Come and discover what makes us one of a kind.  Our admissions team is ready to walk through every step of the process with you. Summit Christian School admits qualified new students who are entering grades K-7 (8th grade enrollment is limited to returning students only).

Begin your SCS journey for the 2024-25 school year today! 

Tours are now available.



While you can find more about SCS on the web and on our social media platforms, the best way to experience Summit Christian School is to visit us in person. Our campus tours allow you to see our classrooms and facilities, meet our staff, and see the smiling faces that fill our hallways.  Tours are available throughout the year. Contact the Admissions Office today to schedule your campus visit.

+NEW STUDENT TESTING/academic review

New student testing is required to determine if SCS can meet the student's academic and social needs and to determine appropriate grade placement. Academic qualification and grade placement will be determined by the SCS administrative team.

Monthly group testing sessions for students entering grades 1-7 begin in January. Individual testing times for incoming KG students begin in December.  The testing cost is $25 per student.

The student's academic/attendance records from previous schools might also be requested during the admissions process to provide additional information about their academic history.

MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT ACADEMIC REVIEW - Prospective Middle School students must complete the academic review prior to progressing to the family interview. Students must provide TWO teacher references from their current school of attendance. Academic records from previous schools will be reviewed to provide additional information about the student's education and attendance history.


Students entering KG must turn 5 by August 31st of the school year.  Students entering 1st grade must turn 6 by August 31st of the school year.  Students with a birthday that falls between September 1st-15th may apply for an exception to this policy.

Students with learning plans (IEP or 504)

Summit Christian School is a private learning institution. While we understand that differentiated instruction is essential to meeting the needs of a wide range of students, we do not have the resources or training to support all learners.

We will evaluate each applicant who has identified or suspected special educational needs on a case-by-case basis to determine if our resources will be adequate to support the student. It is important that all interested families understand that SCS is not required by law to follow Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA).

For students with 504 Plans, private schools are required to provide as many of the accommodations outlined in the plan as possible within the scope of their current resources or training. If it is determined that a student requires support or special education services beyond our capabilities, we will not be to accept that student for enrollment.

If a student is accepted for admission and our educational team determines that the enrolled student has needs beyond the scope of our resources and training, another school placement will become necessary to best meet the needs of the student.


Following successful completion of the academic review and acceptance of grade placement, families are required to meet with our administrative team to talk more in depth about the mission, expectations, and educational objectives of Summit Christian School.  At least one parent/guardian must attend the interview. 

For students entering Middle School:  A family interview will only be scheduled after completion of the academic review. The prospective student is required to attend the interview session with the parent/guardian.


After completion of the above steps, families will be notified of the final admissions decision.


The admission process is not complete until all forms, supporting documents, and enrollment fees have been submitted.


Once a student is fully enrolled at SCS, they will enter the matriculation process.  The focus becomes making the transition to SCS as smooth as possible.  Families will receive information in the months prior to the new year about things like school supplies, dress code, school meals, transportation, and our Back to School Night event.


Secure your spot early.  Classes fill up quickly.  Returning families have a priority enrollment window until the end of January. After this, enrollment is open to new students who have completed the admissions process.